Curriculum vitae



2016- (Marie Curie fellowship)

Trace metal effects on wild great tit Parus major oxidative stress and fitness in a gradient of urbanisation.

Center of New Technologies, University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland); Marie Sklodowska-Curie cofund grant (Polonez 1), in collaboration with Marta Szulkin

2015-2016 (Assistant Lecturer)

Effects of habitat characteristics on earthworm dispersal and habitat choice.

Institut d’Ecologie et des Sciences de l’Environnement (IEES), Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris, France) ; In collaboration with Jérôme Mathieu

2012-2015 (PhD)

Trace metals as a selective pressure on urban birds’ physiology and their melanin-based plumage colouration.

Institut d’Ecologie et des Sciences de l’Environnement (IEES), Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris, France) ; Supervised by Adrien Frantz and Julien Gasparini

2012 (4 months; master 2)

Role of predation on the evolution of aposematism and mimicry-behavioral study on the European Starlings.

Institute of Neuroscience (Newcastle, UK); Supervised by Candy Rowe

2011 (2 months; master 1)

Benefits and trade-offs of the viviparous and oviparous mode of reproduction in the Common Lizard.                      

UMR7625 Ecologie & Evolution (Paris, France); Supervised by Josepha Bleu and Sandrine Meylan

2009 (1 month; elective)

Characterize the micro-morphological traits of Frenelopsis by scanning electron microscope.                     

UMR5276 Laboratoire de géologie de Lyon Terre, Planète, Environnement (Lyon, France) ; Supervised by Bernard Gomez 



Chatelain M., Gasparini J. and Frantz A. 2016. Do trace metals select for darker birds in urban areas? An experimental exposure to lead and zinc. Global Change Biology. 10.1111/gcb.13170

Chatelain M., Gasparini J. and Frantz A. 2016. Trace metals, melanin-based pigmentation and their interaction influence immune parameters in feral pigeons (Columba livia). Ecotoxicology. 10.1007/s10646-016-1610-5

Chatelain M., Gasparini J., Haussy C. and Frantz A. In press. Trace metals affect early maternal transfer of immune components in the feral pigeon. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Chatelain M., Frantz A., Gasparini J. and Leclaire S. 2016. Experimental exposure to trace metals affects plumage bacterial communities in the feral pigeon. Journal of Avian Biology. 10.1111/jav.00857

Chatelain M., Gasparini J., Jacquin L. and Frantz A. 2014. The adaptive function of melanin-based plumage coloration to trace metals. Biology Letters. 10(3): 20140164

Leclaire S., Pierret P., Chatelain M. and Gasparini J. 2014. Feather bacterial load affects plumage condition, iridescent color, and investment in preening in pigeons. Behavioral Ecology. 25(5): 1192-1198

Chatelain M., Halpin C. and Rowe C. 2013. Ambient temperature influences birds’ decisions to eat aposematic prey. Animal Behaviour. 86(4):733-740


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5-years impact factor


Animal Behaviour




Behavioral Ecology




Biology Letters








Global Change Biology




Journal of Avian Biology




Physiological and Biochemical Zoology





7 42 citations

6 in 1st author



Reviewer for

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology; Frontiers in zoology; Journal of Toxicology and Risk Assessment; Ecotoxicology; Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment



2016 Apt to a position of associate professor in population biology and ecology.

2012-2015 PhD in Evolutionary Ecophysiology (awarded with the highest distinction)       

Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris, France) 

2010-2012 Master’s degree in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution (awarded with high honours)       

Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (Paris, France) 

2007-2010 Bachelor’s degree (three-year university degree) in Biology of Organism and Populations (awarded with honours)

Claude-Bernard Lyon1 University (Lyon, France)



2015 How may trace metals exert selective pressures on melanin-based colouration? The European Society of Evolutionary Biology Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland. Oral presentation.  

2015 Trace metals: ecophysiological responses and their influence on melanin-based plumage colouration polymorphism. Synthesis seminar of the Dens’Cité programme (funded by Sorbonne University), Paris, France. Oral presentation.

2014 Does trace metal could explain the higher frequency of darker pigeons in cities? Petit Pois Déridé, Orsay, France. Oral presentation.

2014 Does melanin-based plumage colouration is adaptive to trace metals polluted environments? The International Society for Behavioral Ecology Conference, New York, EU. Poster presentation,

2013 Adaptation to trace metals: an explanation to melanin-based coloration polymorphism in the feral pigeon. Colloque d’Ecophysiologie Animale (animal ecophysiology congress), Lyon, France. Oral presentation.



2015-2016 Assistant lecturer (ATER) in ecology and biostatistics (192h)

Pierre & Marie Curie University (Paris, France) 



2015-2016 Organizer of monthly scientific discussions based on recent published research (“Discussions Autour D’un Article”), IEES-Paris (France)

2015-2016 Organizer of monthly meetings between PhD students (“Déjeuners Des Doctorants”), IEES-Paris (France)

2015 Main organizer of a discussion between PhD students and supervisors about “A thesis : its carrying out and supervising”, IEES-Paris (France)

2014-2015 Delegate of PhD students in the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris, and the Ecology & Evolution department, IEES-Paris (France)

2013-2014 Co-organizer of the inter-teams seminars (“Séminaires Inter-Equipes”), IEES-Paris (France)




  • French: maternal language
  • English: read, written, spoken (4 months in England)        
  • German: studied in secondary school
  • Polish: level A1 of the CECR

Computing: Pack Office, R, Gimp, Image J, GeneMapper, SpectraSuite    

Laboratory skills:

  • Sample acid mineralization (blood, feathers, eggs, organs)
  • Trace metals analysis (ICP-MS, Flame-AAS, Oven-AAS, ICP-OES)
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
  • Colorimetric spectrometric analysis

Field skills:

Level 1 Diploma in Animal Experimentation (2013)

  • birds: capture, livestock keeping, morphometric measurements, reproduction monitoring, blood sampling, under-cutaneous injections, behavioural observations
  • lizards: capture, livestock keeping, morphometric measurements
  • earthworms: capture, livestock keeping, species identification, morphometric measurements behavioural observations


Marion Chatelain-CVMarion Chatelain-CV (114.57 Ko)





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